Why People Choose Us

At Sawatzky Family Law we pride ourselves on specializing only in the area of family law in Grande Prairie and as such are able to provide the highest quality legal services to our clients while also being able to have open access to the top local experts to assist in the process. As Sawatzky Family Law only specializes in the area of family law it allows us a unique advantage where we are not in competition with other law firms in our area and as such we have the ability to work cooperatively with them in achieving your desired results.

The extensive list of professionals available to our firm includes counsellors, child specialists, real estate and corporate lawyers, business valuators, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, accountants, tax advisors and mediators. Through this cooperative approach our clients will receive the proper guidance and advice to allow them to achieve a fair and just resolution of their legal issues. Our goal is always to provide you with the necessary guidance, options and legal information to enable you to make the best informed decision for your particular situation. We offer legal solutions to help protect what matters the most to you.

Our objective is to achieve conflict resolution and resolve your case without having to to to court, whenever possible. However, if it is necessary to go to court, you can expect that we will passionately advance your case and advocate on your behalf. Whether through advocacy in the Courts, or through interest based negotiation, our firm and staff are focused on seeking exceptional results. We deliver value by using our creative approach to create options and reach solutions to your legal problems. We are committed to bettering the lives of those we represent by providing efficient, cost-effective and quality legal services.

Getting started is quick and as easy as sending us an email with your contact information or calling our office directly.  Whether you have very basic questions surrounding family law, or are facing complicated issues surrounding divorce, separation, child/spousal support, and custody, we are here to help and are available during regular work hours, evenings, and weekends when required.